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Late To The Party: SANYO Gives Salem An Electric Bike


I was downtown at the Governer’s Cup yesterday and notice a local business publication with an article on the front about Salem receiving a hybrid bike from SANYO. Apparently I’m out of the loop. Wait, apparently I’m out of the ‘eneloop’ – as this electric hybrid bike is named.

According to the article in the Statesman, there was a brief ceremony in Riverfront Park where our Mayor Janet Taylor accepted the bike on behalf of the city. Taylor said:

I get lazy sometimes, so this is the kind of bike I can use,

Now, I don’t know Taylor personally, but I’m not sure she really meant to come off saying she was lazy. Maybe she should have said “everyone of us could use a helping hand from time to time, and this bike can do just that for me at the end of a long day,” or something like that. Is the job of speech writer open for the City of Salem…someone let them know I’m available for moonlighting. Meanwhile, you can read the article and even see our mayor pedaling off into the sunset on the Mayor’s Little Helper bike here.

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