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Warning: Keizer Rapids Park Eats Chains


Up until Saturday, it had been 10 days since I’d been on any bike, of any kind. Meetings, rush projects, kids activities…you name it, it pulled me away from being able to ride. Fortunately, I found a window -albeit a chilly one- on Saturday, and got out for a little combo road/offroad riding with teammates Pat and Ellen. Actually, I should say I tried with all my might to hang on to the back of whatever speeds they graciously slowed down to for me…but I’ll go ahead and pretend like we were all out riding at the same intensity…

I’d been looking forward to getting members of the team out to the KRP to see if the park would work for some training, clinics, or possibly even some organized ride event or race someday down the road. Or if I just didn’t know what I was talking about. After kicking around with Pat and Ellen, I think we’ll actually be able to do some cool stuff. Not to mention, there’s a great amphitheater being built right along the edge of one of the trails.

So back to the quick word of warning. There are a few ‘dry riverbed’ sections of the park, and if you shoot out across them…you may get your chain munched. Pat did. And I might add that once we had chain tool in hand, he fixed that baby in about 3.6 seconds….probably there reason why Porsche owners across the valley trust their cars to him as well.

I’m sure having 10 days off the bike didn’t help, but Saturday’s ride was another great reminder that I’ve got a lot of work to do. Sure, I was riding with 2 people who’ll race in A’s this year, but still….I’m pretty sure all they had to do was think about going fast, and they were gone. I think I’m bagging lunch today and putting in a few more laps through the mud/bark section to work on some endurance and strength.

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