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One Year Old Breakfast and Getting the Call Up

Ok, the actual breakfast isn’t a year old, but it has been a year since the good folks over at the Mid-Willamette Valley BTA have been putting on the Salem area Breakfast on Bikes. This Friday, February 27th, marks the one year anniversary, and they will be once again serving breakfast at the inaugural location at Mission and Winter Street. From the B on B site:

Yes, we’ve done it now for a year. When we started it we weren’t sure how it would go over. But it’s been great fun! Here’s to year two!

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I’m off to perform my civic duty this morning. I typically avoid showing like the plauge, but figure you can only get your number called so many times before someone starts hunting you down…which is never good for my people. So, I’m off to be a good upstanding member of society.

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Phantom Gourmet got it right again!! HIDDEN JEWEL!! Amazing staff, amazing sevrice, wicked Awsome food!! Portions with pleanty to take home for a steal of a price!! A hometown place ran by locals where you feel like everyone knows your name!! Absolute favorite place to go for breakfast & lunch. I dream wonderful dreams about James’ Bennies with a twist. And, I cannot gloat enought about the BLOAT!! A must try restaurant!

Great post, Kristin. I knew salt was bad for you, especially as related to water retention and high blood pressure. But I also heard that salt was necessary. Your article now gives me the why for both. Not bad!

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