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Pacific Pedaling 2009 Team Announcement

I’m not going to get all formal on you, so let me just say it — we’re sponsoring a team for 2009. The 2009 Team is a fully-sponsored handful of riders all from Salem, Oregon. I’ll be posting bios and additional information in other posts this week, but after a couple of months of meetings and interviews, I’m excited to share the names of our sponsored riders for this year. In no particular order, the 2009 team consists of James Cloyd, Pat Kudszus, Ellen Miller, Tyler Jackson, and Martha Paulus.

Team members from left to right: Ellen Miller, James Cloyd, Pat Kudszus, Tyler Jackson, and Martha Paulus
2009 Team members from left to right: Ellen Miller, James Cloyd, Pat Kudszus, Tyler Jackson, and Martha Paulus

Read on friends!…..

So Why A Team?

At the end of 2008, we had a desire to do something cool, unique and fun in the cycling/racing community here in Salem, and began looking for locally based riders to form a new team with. Since we were getting started later than most teams, and didn’t really have a clue what we were doing….we decided to officially focus on sponsoring the cross season for the team, and determined to provide a great experience on for the year. In this inaugural year of the team, the sponsored riders will all receive:

  • Custom team kits
  • Cross season entry fees covered
  • Travel costs covered
  • Cycling gear budgets for wheels, tires, tubes…etc – the kind of stuff you just blow through in a season of cycling.
  • and misc other cycling costs, as agreed upon between riders and sponsors

With racers from beginner through elite divisions, we will be providing opportunities for training and coaching for members of the squad to meet their particular needs for improvement. I know that everyone wants to ride as best, and as much as they can this year!

More Than Just The Racing

While we were meeting with riders, the subject of community involvement continued to come up, and the team is determined to be involved in supporting the local cycling community where we can. Team members already are involved with community projects, volunteering, instruction, and more, and we will continue to sponsor and volunteer at local events and clinics. We all have a desire to see more people out on two wheels!

Sponsor Riders

In addition to the sponsored riders, founders will also participate on the team. Of course, I’ve been stammering on about taking the year to get fit for the 09 cross season, and the team is  HUGE motivator for me to be as prepared as I can. I’m looking forward to our team rides, and know that I will receive a lot of instruction and help from the more experienced riders on the team. Also, my business partner Ryan has stepped up to the plate and declared that he’ll get out and at least give the racing a whirl as well. Going to be a great year!

The team, with sponsors Ryan (left) and Paul (right)
The team, with sponsors Ryan (left) and Paul (right)


I’m so proud of the racers already! Tyler Jackson got out on his FIRST road race at the Cherry Pie last week and pulled a 19th position finish in his Cat 5 Mens group. This past weekend, Pat Kudszus finished 4th in Cat 1 at the Echo Red to Red mtb race, and Ellen Miller finished 1st in the Echo Red To Red Cat 2 Women! Way to go guys…way to make the team proud!

I’m so excited for the season!

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This is exciting news. We know Ellen’s involved with Friends of Two Bridges, a project which when completed will link up the trails in three different parks and give recreational cyclists a substantial refuge of car-free bike paths! Do let us know about races in the Salem-Keizer area. We’d love to spread the word and build interest in bicycle racing beyond the core of those already in the know!

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