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This 911 Porsche Cabriolet could be yours. Really.
This 911 Porsche Cabriolet could be yours. Really.

Over on my buddy Ryan’s Porsche blog, (what is it with the P P domains?) you can win a convertible Porsche 911 for free. For Real. Not kidding. It’s pretty simple too. Sign up for a newsletter, make comments on posts, follow him on Twitter. Nothing that costs you any money, just a little internet face time.

Now, for those that want to know, no, it’s not a brand new one. It’s a 1999 model, but that’s a photo of the actual car…it’s VERY pretty, I know…I’ve seen it. I’ve driven it. (Heck, I took the pictures!) It’s about as clean of a used Porsche as I’ve ever seen.  And really, are you going to complain about a free, sexy convertible sports car?

According to the rules in the blog, the drawing is going to be “fishbowl style.” You get entries according to the different methods posted, and when the contest is over on July 31, 2009 – every entry will be put into a container, and someone’s name will be pulled out. If it’s your name, you win the car.

I know, some of you are car free out there. Some will thumb your nose at a flashy car in general, but heck…there’s no reason why you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Check out this dude’s Lambo and Pinarello that’s been floating around the interweb:


I’d love to find out that someone from the cycling world took home this beautiful Porsche. So get on it!

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Wow the Porche 911 is gorgeous. It would go nicely w/ my Colnago Oval Master Ti Bike in Black and Yellow. I happened on this site while looking at Vision 2020 in Salem information. How could anyone not want to move back to the Northwest?

Will work on the move thing……….

I do miss the Northwest. I was in denial…

Bikes then if you will…

I ride all the time on anyone of 9 bikes depending on the weather and my mood and my ride buddies at the time. Is this about bikes?

Colnago road bikes are all so sweet. I own more than 1. I do love to ride just for the sheer fun of it…

And the Porche 11 is beautiful…

I couldn’t help but notice the front wheel missing on the bike. I guess after the lambo the fellow had to stay within budget somehow…

Oh, I bet he did know exactly what the song was for.And that’s why he put it in the trlaier.It’s Rob Zombie Catholic Prayer song along with this imagery and 3 crazy women saying Satan come to us?? LOL, I think he knew exactly what he was doing.

Stephen Jay Gould points out in Finders, Keepers how many of the great Dutch collections had been auctioned off, particularly that of Ruysch, who sold much of his collection to Peter the Great, and whose widow sold off the rest of it when he died. Most of it is lost, but Rosamond Purcell found, in photographing fetuses, that some of the ones in the Leiden Museum matched those in Peter’s collection, and thus an attribution was able to be made.Nice work! So interesting to know about the difference between the Dutch and the rest of Europe. Thanks much for the info.

JAAAAAAAAH, top joh Nens ! Super fijn !Ik was vandaag ook weer happy op de weegschaal. Ik was namelijk eergister 77.1 (ongesteld geworden) en gister 77.2 en vandaag 76.7…dus Nens, je had helemaal gelijk ! …op naar de 75…ook wel een mini mijlplaal

Oye, pues es genial que 56 habitantes de Bloguelandia se hayan puesto bien farticos de productos del País -que hay que hacer patrieta- y hayan remendado la actualidad -aunque más que remiendos habría que fabricar una nueva-.Y estás guapo, Jubilado. Siempre presumiendo de vejete ( ) y tienes un aspecto inmejorable.

“Valószínűleg csak az életkoromból adódik, hogy az önreklám minden nyomulós/lopakodó formájától a hányingernek nevezett enyhe emésztÅ‘szervi tünetegyüttes fog el.”Mindegyik szavazásnál jó (1-2) helyen áll a Diagnózis, úgyhogy nem teljsen világos, mire gondolsz ebben a mondatodban.. ?

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