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BonkTown Is Probably Not So Good For Me


Sometimes my geeky technology life melds with the newer bike loving side of my life into a harmonious little gem, and produces a tool just like the BonkTown Firefox plugin. If you’re not familiar with BonkTown, it’s much like, Woot! – one deal at a time, only they update the deals throughout the day, rather than just one deal a night like Woot! Both of these websites work on the same principal as the stash of trinkets that line the shelves at the checkout line at the supermarket. While waiting to pay for my fruits and vegetables, someone has thoughtfully placed some handy items I hadn’t fully realized I needed, until I saw they were 40% off.  A new set of gummy scented earbuds, a handy needle and thread sewing kit, or the ever popular Super Glue in the dual pack.

BonkTown plays to my same emotions. On most days I may not necessarily be thinking about what I *need* for my cycling love, but when the little BonkTown plugin throws the latest deal right at the bottom of my screen on the status bar…I find myself clicking through to see what smoking deal is calling out to me. Case of nutrition bars. Carbon railed saddle. Titanium framed roadie. Bibs. Shorts. Jackets. Gloves. All at 40, 50, 60 percent off! Forget that I was researching an important technology solution, the ticket just lit up! Forget that none of these will free up more time for me to ride, they are deals too good to pass! It’s like Costco has moved into my status bar….everyone needs 5 gallon jars of pickles, right?

I gotta uninstall this thing….but I do like the Castelli bibs I got last week!

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Bonktown has been killing me, too, Paul! Though so far I haven’t bought anything – just come very, very, very close.
I got a sweet set of race “cubes” (bags) off of Chainlove about a month ago for 50% off… had been looking at those for a while 🙂

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