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Breakfast On Bikes Tomorrow In Salem, Friday January 30

If you’re in Salem, and riding your bike tomorrow to work, be sure to stop in on the Capitol steps downtown, for a little Breakfast on Bikes. The guys from the local BTA once again will be making your morning commute a little brighter by providing some nourishment on a chilly morning. From the BoB site for this month’s location:

With the Holidays over, we’ll be returning to our regular “last Friday” schedule for Breakfast on Bikes. Please join us between 7am and 9am on the Capitol steps on Friday, January 30.

I personally have to be out of town tomorrow bright and early, so I’ll miss it this month, but thanks again guys for taking care of us out on the morning routes!

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Thanks, Paul! We missed you this morning! – but there were a few slick spots on the road as well as on the Capitol steps, and a couple of regular bikers walked instead and joined us on foot. We had a great turn-out and several legislators joined us! We’ll have a couple of photos on the breakfast blog over the weekend.

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