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Finally Friday: The Sun Is Out!

Wow, the sun is peeking through, and it’s not snowing, hailing, raining, sleeting, freezing rain, freezing fog, black ice, or any other kind of arctic blast to mess with! Aside from some possible showers Saturday or Sunday, we’re looking at a string of really nice days. I’m gettin’ out!

Some good things to read if you haven’t already caught them:

  1. Heidi paints the perfect picture of how exactly much life the wind can suck right out of you.
  2. Bicycle Design has finally posted the finalists in the Commuter BIke Design Contest. Some comments over there about how a couple aren’t that ground-breaking, but honestly, if the contest was about getting more people commuting, I’m not sure designing bikes to look like eyelash curlers is the ticket.
  3. Since I may not live to blog again after picking up a WeThePeople BMX bike to kick around with my 11-year old son, here’s a cool video of Lilian Conry on his WTP.
  4. Cyclelicious posted a link to a destroyed Cinelli that flew off it’s rack. Ugh.
  5. And since I can hardly believe it myself, look at 8 of those next 10 days.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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