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BMX Update: Bit the Bullet – Full Report After I Break My Neck

It’s in the back, and on it’s way home (after work anyway) so hopefully my next report isn’t from a hospital bed. Previously thought about in this post.

WeThePeople BMX ride on it's way home....
WeThePeople BMX ride on it's way home....

15 replies on “BMX Update: Bit the Bullet – Full Report After I Break My Neck”

Tina, it has been fun so far. The old man apparently still has few things to show the kid. He didn’t believe I used to ride backwards on the handlebars, so I had to show him. Of course it came with a “Dad, that’s so old school,” comment.

Feel free to borrow it whenever you get the urge!

Why does the county attrenoy not have the court docket on this landlord tenant case. Where did it occur? It must be a court record. Why did the police not charge her? She was guilty of trespassing in the first instance. She does sound like a nut and they fell for her story.

TOO CUTE! Little man is growing up fast. I think the over-thinking can result in concern for one’s ability to speak things into existence. Not that it’s that deep all the time, but I’ve seen it happen. I don’t know too many Bumshequas in the board room, if you feel me.LOLHappy New Year!

I live in Hong Kong. Here, orchids grow like weeds. They’re everywhere.That’s why we treat the likes of Georgia likes beeyatches. They like it. Try it. Discipline her. She’ll be back for more, yo.

Am un fost coleg de facultate pe care il banuiam de origini rrromane. Baiat bun, curat, cu cap. In 5 ani cat am fost colegi nu i-a zis nimeni nimic. Dupa absolvire, la vreun an, eram mai multi intr-un bar si unul dintre fostii colegi il tot necajea pe cel de origine incerta. La care asta se opreste din discutii, se uita urat la cel care se lega de el si ii zice: “Bah! Tu ai ceva cu tiganii de ma tot futi?” Toata lumea a inceput sa rada. Inca nu sunt convins daca e tigan sau nu.

soy una persona emprendedora que quiere apoyo para continuar con su empresa bueno con su negocio ya que he tenido varios negocios y siemore pasa que los duenos me piden el local para ponerlos ellos a trabajar y quisiera comprar un local para no tener ese problema me dedico al restaurante tengo 17 anos trabajando en lo mismo pero ya no quiero pagar renta y no encuentro apoyo de nadiepor eso me tome el atrevimiento de escribrirles de antemano agradezco su invaluable atencion me gusta trabajar

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