Is BMX My MidLife Crisis Bike?


I grew up riding BMX bikes in the neighborhood, the same as every other kid on the block. I delivered papers on my Mongoose, envied my friends Redline, and even was part of the 8 kid chain that laid on the ground to let the one ‘semi-pro’ rider in town prove how many junior high kids he could jump over. Yeah, pretty stupid, but that’s junior high right. I haven’t owned a BMX bike of any sort for over 25 years…but here I am, turning 40 in just a couple months, seriously contemplating one again. Why? Good question…I’m asking myself the same thing…..

The biggest reason I’m thinking about picking one up, is because of my 11 year old son. When I first started riding more seriously last year, I found a smaller sized flat bar road bike that he could reasonably handle. We did one ride together, around my normal 12 mile loop, and by the end, he wasn’t in love with it. Didn’t like the bike a whole lot, so we passed it on to Mom, and set out to figure something else out.

Next we built up a single speed for him, but it turns out he didn’t really like that either, and we sold it…and with the proceeds he went back to the bike he knew he loved, a Premium (Haro) BMX. He rides it all over the place without really stopping…but we don’t do any riding together.

I have, once or twice, educated him on the basic tricks of the old guard – bunny hopping and curb endo’ing – which he clearly points out is “totally old school,” and apparently you don’t do wheelies anymore, it’s called a “manual” now, but no matter…the old man was still able to show a few things he hadn’t seen, and didn’t have in his bag of tricks yet.

After those two instances of trickery, I was sore the next day. Turns out hefting 215+ lbs up in the air, when you’re not used to it, can put a little stress on the muscles needed to do so. And in those moments, I was pretty sure that big guys like me probably don’t belong on such a small sized bike, and that I’d stick to my solid steel framed road bikes. But then I found out about Robbie Morales, from FitBikeCo. He’s no dainty fella himself:

And more here: – (not responsible for rap content)

So I think there’s hope for a stout fella like myself. And I think my son would absolutely love cruising around together. I’ve actually stopped in a couple times to check out some bikes…I may just have to pull the trigger.

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Pull the trigger, I did and it was worth it! I’m 41, almost 42 and found myself missing my old Torker from the early 80’s. I shopped for a while and finally settled on a DK Cygnus 24. So my kids laugh at me when I do an old school trick. At least I can ride with them and my old butt is not sitting on some piece of junk department store bike that will break after the first bump.

In 2004 i brought a 2001 free agent air strike back from the dead & it turns out i can still do figure-8 wheelies like when i was 15-16 so this year 2010 for my 40th birthday i bought a 1986 redline RL-20 Prostyler (radberry in color) & will restore it. We are at BMXmuseum dot com. see you soon! “MiamiVice”

Yep . Same here . Been messin with road and mtb after graduating from bmx as a kid . Now I find myself with three 24″ bmx bikes in my late 30’s . The ‘newskool’ bmx stuff just isn’t appealing as the moto stuff we grew up with .

Hit craigslist. Make room in the garage for a bmx 24″ bro .Ride it till its broke . You will love yourself for it . =)

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