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Merry Christmas To All!


I hope that you all get a chance to enjoy time with your family, friends, or whomever you can share some special time with. The snow has really kept most of us from riding out here in the PNW (although some are braving the elements on mountain bikes, or with snow tires) but it looks like the warmer weather may be thawing us out a bit today.

Regardless, I’ve been loving the extra time with family and friends. Enjoying an extra long cup of coffee with encouraging conversation. Riding along with the family extra slow and appreciating the great pines that line our neighborhood — somehow they’ve remained almost hidden without the snow covering their boughs. While the snowfall has been a pain for many, I’ve appreciated the pace that it has required us to take the past few days. I know most will be happy to see it go, but I’ll be a little sad for the winter wonderland to melt away over the next few days.

May you all have a safe, warm, Merry Christmas!

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