Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway Route

Yesterday, while on a clear, brisk ride downtown to a quick meeting, I saw some signs in the neighborhood that I hadn’t seen before. These reflective green and white signs with a bike and “WV” on them, were posted along my normal route to the main roads. I always kind of knew we were on some sort of ‘official’ bike route, but now we’re finally getting the recognition we deserve! Let it be known that the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway Route comes through these parts. Don’t know much about it? Read on my friend, read on….

I really wasn’t very informed on the specifics of the route, so I went to the Oregon Parks and Rec site that explained:

Oregon’s first scenic bikeway celebrates the Willamette Valley, its people and its splendor. The 130-mile route travels through one of the most diverse agricultural regions on earth and showcases the sites where Oregon’s history was made.

As you pedal along the bikeway, take a break along the Willamette River, the signature landmark of the valley and focal point of the new Willamette River Water Trail.

The Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway was established with significant help from Cycle Oregon and the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Road signs are installed only on state roads in Polk County. On Polk County roads, please navigate using this and other maps.

Although these are rural roads, they do occasionally get busy. There are few paved shoulders in the outlying areas. Watch for traffic, especially farm equipment. If you must stop, move off the roadway.
Avoid riding in heavy fog.

We live along the Willamette River portion in Keizer, which you can see in this map

If you’ve never been to Oregon, or specifically the Willamette Valley, it’s a beautiful place to visit, and there are some great sights along this path. I haven’t ridden all of this yet, but plan to use it to outline some trips in the near future.

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