Hanging Up The Bikes, But Not For Good

Well, I finally have to come to terms with the fact that my bikes are taking up too much room around the house, or specifically the garage. I have a home office built in one corner of the garage for when I work from home, but lately it’s become a bit of a storage closet more than anything else – computers, musical equipment, bikes, bike parts, bike tools, bike stands, bike rollers…you get the idea. Sadly, my obsession is forcing family members to walk through a maze of frames, wheels, cables, and anything else I’ve left out, let alone one of more than a handful of complete or near-complete bikes. Something had to be done….read on…

I’ve been nervous about hanging up the bikes, because honestly, I didn’t want to ruin the wheels, and just didn’t know if it would. Of course, every time I walk into a bike shop, there’s a bike hanging somewhere, so it can’t be all bad…right? After consulting with my favorite LBS, I felt like I had the green light to build my own rack on the wall. He told me how a client had one of his favorite collectibles sitting in his office, away from everything and everyone, and one day it had a new dent on the top tube…and no one had any idea where it came from, or at least wasn’t willing to ‘fess up. He recommended hanging them wholeheartedly. “Just don’t hang the wheel’s iridescent label against the hook,” is what I was told, and off I went.

I ran down to Home Depot and found this wall mounted rail kit, and bike hangers. The rail is around $20 and each hanger is $6, so for the three bikes you see hanging, I’m in $38 and a hour or so of leveling, finding studs, installing molly screws, and the rail. Then I slid the hangers on, and hung the bikes. I didn’t put the 20th Anniversary Torelli up there, until I made certain it was going to stay! So the Gran Sasso, Cinelli, and 925 get to be the guinea pigs. I waited 3 weeks before posting so that I could verify it’s held. So far, so good.

Next I need to sell some drums so I can put up another rail and two more bikes on the other side, and at least each road bike will be accounted for. I’ve got a couple Karate Monkeys that still need to be dealt with though….but for now, there is more breathing room in the garage!

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