Dirty Pictures @ PDXCross has done a great job of capturing the some of the best shots of the season on their site — go take a look. My favorite series so far has been the latest Hillsboro series, one of the muddiest yet. From the site about this series of photos:

“This must be what the bull feels like during the bull riding event in a rodeo: slipping and sliding through deep mud with an unwelcome weight clinging to your back. But this was just another day, the final day, of the Cross Crusade series, and we were all there voluntarily, humping our way through the animal-waste-tainted mud without prodding or coersion. We were, we told ourselves over and over, having a good time. In fact, we paid money to do it. We do love this weird sport and the lovely people who do it…even when they are covered in poo.”

Now PDXCross is releasing a book from the 2008 season appropriately named, “Dirty Pictures.” The book will highlight not only photos from the races but commentary, thoughts, and quips from riders and fans who were willing to contribute their two cents.

Hop over to PDXCross and check out their photos from the season.

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Stunning photography. Great spreads!

From now on I’m leaving my point n’ shoot at home and leaving it all up to you guys. Why should I bother? Truly stunning work, and I’m so happy you’re putting it together in a book!

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