Battlecreek Cross Video

Battlecreek Cross from nwduffer on Vimeo

I need to play with some export settings yet, as I either stretched my video or got this letterbox effect on it. It also doesn’t seem quite as smooth as it should, but I’ll upload a different version when I get it all dialed in. Also, go to Battlecreek Cross to see the slightly larger version. Thanks for watching!

This was my first effort with my HV30 and Letus 35mini that I got a few days before the race. I think I shot too much of the day in too shallow of a DOF (1.8-2.8), but I’m still happy with how the first shoot came out, especially since it was pouring most of the day, and I had a crazy jury-rigged umbrella contraption to keep me dry.

I also used a homemade 35mm adapter support rig since I didn’t realize at the time I’d need one to hold my adapter and lens securely on my tripod. You can see the pics I posted of the adapter support and umbrella rig on the day of the race in this thread:

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