The UPS Guy Is Here….On His Bike?

I just read on that UPS is looking for seasonal bike delivery people for the holidays. I had no idea they had such a thing.

According to the article, the UPS Riders (as I like to think of them) will be delivering 25-50 packages per day, on specially equipped mountain bikes, provided by UPS. Note: the image in this post is apparently from UPS in Amsterdam, where I guess they already know how to roll with it.

UPS will cut costs, gas consumption and pollution for the season by using the bike rigs, although with the lower number of deliveries per each bike compared to a normal truck (which delivers 150 per day on the average) I’m not sure where they’ll be coming out ahead, but at least they’ll be going green a bit.

Good news for those of us stuck down here in Salem-land (where most cool bike things never happen) — they’re looking for someone in this area too. From the article: “UPS is looking to hire bike delivery people in Vancouver (WA), Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, and Medford. If you’re interested, call Maria Mason at (503) 978-7409 or email mariamason(at)ups(dot)com.”

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was wondering if this could translate to the Midwest (Michigan, in particular). I would love to try to get this
going here, as a “green job”, pls advise…

J Boeke
1656 Wimbledon Drive
Walled Lake, MI

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