Battlecreek Cross As A Spectator

Note: I’ll have the video I shot with my HV30, Letus 35mini, and Nikkor lens posted in the next couple days, please check back!

As noted in my previous post, Saturday was the Battlecreek Cross race, held on my old golf stomping grounds, at the old Battlecreek Golf Course. Above is a shot of racers coming through one of the former sandtraps on this golf course turned cross course for the rainy race. I had two goals for Saturday: 1) check out an actual cross race up close, and 2) get some decent footage with my new video set up. Read on to get the post-race wrap up.

As I drove out to the race, the rain was really coming down. I almost left the video gear in the car, but since it was apparent I was going to get some rain, I frankensteined together an umbrella holder that was pretty unruly at times, but at least kept my gear 98 percent dry during the day. Here’s a shot of the rig:

All in all, some decent footage, which I’ll post up as soon as I can finish wading through the two hours of tape I shot. Definitely learned a few things about how shallow of a depth of field I can get away with while following racers around a track, but I can only go up from here.

As to the race itself, the track was pretty flat compared to a lot of the cross tracks, and probably would have been a great one for me to try myself, had I actually had a bike that had enough clearance to be used for cross. Although, after watching riders crank it out for 45 minutes, I’m fairly certain I’m in nowhere near the condition I need to be to make it through the laps.

The rain beat down for most of the day, eventually closing down the water crossing hazard, that rose up past riders knees, and forced an alternate route. Although there were some beers around the track, plenty of folks seemed to opt for coffee, hot chocolate, or chili instead, and a mini bon fire was lit up before the final couple of races.

Sundays are usually tied up for me, so it was great to have a race on Saturday, as well as one that was in our own back yard. Results from the race are up on the OBRA site, as well as schedules for upcoming races. Also, as a bonus, I bumped into a couple folks I knew — ET Keeny, an old high school buddy, and Lana Pressey, who until now I’ve only known from Ventis Cafe, but a heck of a rider!

Video coming soon!

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Did you happen to get any footage of the Men’s C race? There were plenty of fantastic wipeouts (as I’m sure happened all day long), and I was one of them!
I look forward to seeing the video.

I do have (I think) a bunch of the Men’s C – but somehow I kept managing to not be where most of the wipeouts were happening. Got a couple, but not as many as I’d like….transporting that umbrella rig all over the golf course in the monsoon was crazy!

Video will be up here in the next day or so!

Thanks for checking in!


That’s great! Even if you didn’t catch the crashes, it was still an extra fun race on a cold, wet and windy day. Perfect for video equipment.

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