Campaign Signs Make Good Panniers, Fenders, Mudflaps!

I noticed a great post today on Green Glancy about how and where to recycle your campaign signs now that this historic presidential election is in the can. One link was for a post made on Kent’s Bike Blog, where he show’s how he came up with the idea for making panniers, fenders and mudflaps from recycled coroplast campaign signs. These are easily the coolest idea I’ve seen for re-using a campaign product past it’s due date so far! Read on for more…

From Kent’s Bike Blog:

“Each year my employer, the Bicycle Alliance of Washington, holds a fund raising auction. While we were brainstorming to come up with auction items somebody came up with the idea that since I am somewhat infamous for my fenders and luggage made from recycled coroplast campaign signs, we could auction off a set of custom fenders and panniers.”

This won’t work with our campaign sign, it was a wire frame with flimsy plastic between it. Now I just need to go find some signs to steal out of someone’s yard!

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