Torellis and The Tree

I’ve now had the pleasure of taking each Torelli I’ve ridden out to The Tallest Black Cotton Wood in North America. (Sounds like a date after I read it back to myself.) Anyway, it’s just out about 12 miles from our house and makes for a nice 22 mile loop to Willamette Mission Park and back. Here I am on my lunch ride yesterday with the 20th Anniversary Torelli, still in all it’s funky frankenstein-ness, well, here’s the bike anyway:

Working back in time one bike at a time, next is my current do everything Torelli shortly after getting it from the shop:

And the original ride that inspired it all, me on Nicks red Torelli, way back in the spring of ’07.

It was just after that ride on the Red Gran Sasso that I called up the LBS that built it and said ‘make me a twin of this bike,’ and ended up with the blue Gran Sasso above. I love these steel bikes!

A couple notes about riding the frankensteined Torelli above. I hate to say it, but it really rode pretty nice. I hate to say it because I just can’t get into those wheels, and for sure not on that frame. That frame really deserves some classic Campy. Not necessarily old, just classic…more like the polished group and wheels that are on the red bike above. That change will definitley happen.

I’ve often heard people say ‘that bike climbs like a goat,’ and have always thought ‘yeah, whatever…YOU either climb like a goat, or you don’t…not the bike.’ However, yesterday I may have changed my mind. When climbing up Ravena, I was amazed how little effort I was putting into my pedaling. I haven’t been riding for over a month (well, aside from my short commute to work) so it’s not that I’m particularly strong right now…it just felt like I was on a bike escalator. Pushing down one pedal, but getting two strokes worth out of each one. It was really weird. Good, but weird. I hope I can replicate that when I change out everything.

Still some good riding days left before the rain comes…and really, still good riding days in there too. Get out and enjoy the sun!


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