Monday Evening Ride

Ok, so when says Sunset is at 7:40 pm – it means it, and not a minute later. And this time of year, it gets dark pretty quick after sunset.

The picture here at the top is from my ride tonight. It was an amazing sunset. In fact, it was so cool watching the sun bounce off the clouds that I kept riding figuring I’d squeeze in a few more miles before racing home in time to beat the dark. As luck would have it, I ended up riding home a little longer in the dark than I cared too…and as luck would have it, my little blinky red light had died, so I was really asking for trouble. Thankfully, none found me.

After the family hurked down some tacos at the little Taqueria above Reed Opera House, I was feeling the need to work off some extra calories, so I geared up and headed out around 6:40 pm. I figured I could just do the 12 mile Windsor Island Rd Loop, and be in way before sunset, but it was so pretty out tonight that I just kept going, and ended up getting in 19 miles instead. The temperature was dropping at a pretty good rate, and a little drizzle even managed to sneak out on me. Otherwise, nothing major to report, and nothing out of the ordinary, but I felt compelled to pull out the phone and snap some photos. I’ll just post them below for the remainder of the post.

Hop fields in North Keizer on Wheatland Rd

Waconda Road heading to River Rd

Same shot through my Tifosi polarized riding glasses.

Sun setting quickly, time to get home!

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