Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow….Wait, This Is Spring Break?

Just a few days ago I was in the sunny warm embrace of a San Diego springtime. I mentioned to Nate that if we had more time I’d be hitting a local bike shop, renting a bike, and getting out along the 101 beachfront for a ride. Oh how the times have changed.

Today I decided to work off some of the In-N-Out flab I picked up on the aforementioned road trip, and set out for a 20 mile boogie to the Bankers Cup coffee shop in St. Paul. I spent part of the morning waiting for the kids to call from the border to let us know they’d made it safely back to American soil, and once they did, I figured I could get away from the phone long enough to squeeze in some exercise. Question was, would the weather hold up long enough for me to do so?

If you’ve been following the local forecast, we’ve had wild weather. Everything from sun breaks to rain, sleet, hail and snow. The sun was peeking through as I geared up, but I saw the clouds off in the distance, and hoped they wouldn’t move in on me. And even if they did, I rode 70 miles in the rain last summer….right? I could handle a few in the rain if the good Lord decided to send some on down. And send some down, he did.

For about half the ride — probably 10 miles in the middle portion — it rained. And it hailed. And doggonnit, I think it was snowing too. It was colder than last years Livestrong in the rain, and the hail/sleet on the face didn’t feel too great, but after those 10 miles or so, it cleared back up and I rode the last 5 miles into St. Paul on sunny, but wet pavement.

The Fam drove out and met me at the Bankers Cup. It’s a quaint little espresso shop built in an old bank building.

There’s a great fireplace (which I wish would have been fired up) and the coffee is from our own little Governor’s Cup here in Salem. I got out there shortly after one, the family rolled in close to 1:30, and the shop closed at 2, so we had to grab a quick drink and go.

I changed into the dry street clothes they brought, tossed the Torreli in the back of the Blue Dream, and hitched a ride back on four wheels. We also hit the local feed store where they sell Ass Kickin’ products, Cattlepults, and every kind of feed and fertilizer imagineable.

Although it was turned off, they also had a serious 50″ flat panel hanging above the rustic wooden door….nice!

And so ends the crazy Spring Break week of 2008. The kids will be home tomorrow night and everyone is looking forward to having their children back in their homes. Looking forward to some sunny days ahead for better riding than rain, hail and snow!


PS – Keijiro – you would have hated it….even colder and wetter than last year! That Bay Area ride is sounding better by the minute!

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