Road Trip

Let me just say that after 1500 miles of a 2100 mile, 42 hour round trip drive. After enough Rockstars and Starbucks canned Double Shots to own stock in both companies, and after a 5 pm dinner stop at In-N-Out in San Diego already….a group of fellas from Oregon with an all night drive ahead of them should probably *not* take this on at 1 am.

But, it *was* the last In-N-Out that was going to be open before we left California. Who knew there was such a thing as ‘Animal Style‘ burgers there?


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I knew. 🙂

I will admit, if we leave the great Cali one day…I’ll miss IN-N-OUT perhaps the most.

Did you know they use all fresh ingredients…so it isn’t all processed and nasty? It’s almost good for you! We refer to it as un-fast food because of that…it’s fresh!

Glad everyone is safe on all sides.

Jen Green

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