Day 240: 1 Day Left – The Night Before

Update: 50 lb Goal Reached Day 124. Current weight – 206.6 lbs – 8.6 lbs to 60 lb goal.

…and Something Wicked This Way Comes. Just heard that the news is predicting record-breaking rainfall for tomorrow.

Well, here we are, the night before the race. I won’t update the blog until probably the day after the ride, unless I’m feeling particularly motivated tomorrow evening. I think I’m good to go with all the stuff I need, at least as well as I can best guess. I’m still going through everything to make sure I’ve got just enough stuff to get through the day, while still being able to fit it all into my Bushwacker pack.

Today we ran up to the Tiger Woods Center at the Nike World Headquarters to get my pre-race packet. As you can see above, I’m #937 – no real significance there, but if it wasn’t getting close to the pre-ride bed time, I’d figure out some math equation to make it somehow mean something…just not tonight. When we got to Nikeland, one of the first things we saw was everything being set up, and covered in plastic. Once inside the TW building, we immediately saw a sign that said the 100 mile ride had been cancelled due to the dangerous winds that would be up on the Bald Peak segment of the ride. I am now officially slotted to ride the longest ride you can do in the Portland Livestrong Challenge for 2007…how about that? And since I’ve just heard ‘record breaking rainfall,’ perhaps we’ll all just end up taking laps around the parking lot for the entire day!

To be honest, I’m pretty nervous about the ride now. Wet roads make me nervous, but roads that are just hard to see because the monsoon season snuck up on us seem especially dangerous. Where I was previously excited to celebrate all the hard work I’ve done up to this point with a glorious early fall ride, I am now wondering if I’m just going to have to cruise along at a snail’s pace so I don’t put my bike down on every turn. I still think I’ll be able to get through the whole thing, I’m just not sure how long its going to take, and/or how crazy it’s going to be in the getting there. Pray for safety…I’d like to get to come home to my warm, cozy house tomorrow. When you think of me, I’ll probably look like this guy:

I’ll be sure to post again, but I want to say THANK YOU again to everyone who was so generous in giving to the cause. Today we were counting all the people we know who’ve been touched by cancer in the past few years, and I’m amazed at how everyone nowadays it seems can say the same thing. Our friends and family will be on my mind tomorrow as we ride. I’ll post a recap when (if) I get back!


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