Day 180: Someone Back The Truck Up!

Update: 208.2 lbs, 50 lb Goal Reached Day 124. 10 lbs to 60 lb goal.

Yeah, you read that right, I marched right back up to my 50 lb goal, and I’m not afraid to post it.

I’m not going to go on and on about this, because I know I end up leaving these guilt ridden posts behind, but let me just say that from last Monday forward, I have not been very diligent. I’ve not been logging all my calories, and just kind of ballparking it – mostly having good success, but also knowing that I had some pretty crazy food days in there. So rather than detail it all out, let me just give some highlights to the week that bumped me up two pounds from my lowest point so far:

Monday: Girls Enchilada Night – This wasn’t for me, but after having just a few small pieces of pizza at Paddingtons with Greener, I then came home and proceeded to pound down a few churros, two cheese enchiladas, some lime frosted cookies, and an iced latte. And that was from around 9 to 1 in the morning.

Wednesday: Airport Day – Wasn’t too bad, but we did stop at Chilis. Even though I ordered the Tilapia, I also had some Texas Fries off the girls plate, and then had some fries off of another plate, and half of a childs chocolate milk. Then got caught off guard with a surprise pizza night at church, so I had both Italian casserole AND a couple slices of pizza. Another day I put down too many calories.

Friday: Calamity Janes – I didn’t order the 1 pound burger, but the Texas Tornado (or whatever it was that I ordered) with sausage and other fixin’s on it, certainly wasn’t a low calorie option. You can see some great pictures on Kristi’s Random Thoughts page, and even see some more of the food we hurked down. I drank about half of one of the kids Oreo milkshakes and finished all of the burger and all of the fries on my plate. (That’s C-dubs monstrosity at the top.)

Saturday: Leftovers – No real plan for the day so I ended up having frozen pizza and chips mixed in with birthday cake and other not-so-great things. I don’t even remember…by Saturday it was all turning into a blur.

Sunday: Muffins and More Pizza – Those dang Costco muffins – 600 calories each. I think between the muffins from the birthday party, and the ones in class in the morning, I had 1200 calories in muffins alone. Then for dinner last night, more leftover frozen pizza, and some cucumbers. Yeah, I tried to do *something* healthy.

Today I’m back on track so far. If I can keep it up, I may just finish with some sort of normal day, and then hopefully can get back to a normal pattern again. Last week was easily the most ugly of my effort so far…and if I only go up two pounds out of it, I’ll be ok with that.


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