Day 157: Seriously, I’m Brown Enough

Update: 206.2 lbs, 50 lb Goal Reached Day 124. 8 lbs to 60 lb goal.

Got back from a quick Loop ride, and it was already 70 degrees outside before 7:30 this morning. My good friend, Andy Carson just got done with the weather forecast, and well, lets just say, he ain’t my friend no more.

I really function best in the 65-75 degree range. I don’t care if it’s a dry heat, a wet heat, or any kind of heat in between, once we cross 80 degrees, I stop loving the day so much. We crossed 90 yesterday, and we’re scheduled for at least two days of 100+ and a few more in the 90’s range. It’s Oregon for Pete’s sake…we’re not supposed to get that hot.

Too make matters worse, it’s supposed to get kind of cloudy along the way and actually be humid as well this week. When I lived in Nashville, it’d get up over 100 and then there would be a thunderstorm with serious downpours for about 30 minutes, and then you’d just sit and watch the steam rise up off the street. You basically felt like you needed a shower 3-4 times a day. Apparently, we want to be more like Nashville this week.

The good news is that although I’m still officially one of the sweatiest people in Oregon, having dropped the 50+ lbs keeps me from sweating while doing simple things like sitting….or eating. But I will be keeping my self in the AC as much as possible, at least until the evening, when the Mrs is making me get out to the driving range with her to continue her quest for the perfect swing. (The price I pay for matrimonial harmony….)


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After I sat in rush hour traffic all the way home with no AC and vinyl interior,I came home to kids sitting on the couch wrapped up in blankets with the AC set to “Arctic”, watching one of my favorite movies- Kicking and Screaming- on HBO, knocking back Capri Sun’s and munchin’ on cheese-nips.

Dude, that is so not the childhood i had.

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