Day 153: From The Lake

Update: 207.2 lbs, 50 lb Goal Reached Day 124. 9 lbs to 60 lb goal.

In an effort to appease those who have been disapointed in my lack of bloggidicia, I bring you a blog post from the far edge of the Triangle Lake dock as the sun rises over my back. Don’t say I never did nothing for you. (yes, actual photo of the lake at sunrise from the built in camera of the macbook…oh how I love thee macbook…)

Last night’s dinner menu included some fine frozen chimichangas and corn salsa. We’ve got the trailer of love out here for the night, so we’re able to stock the fridge and fire up some fine home cookin’, and finish it off with some nice hot french pressed Starbucks. It’s amazing how good, I mean, really good, that coffee tastes when you’re sitting out around a camp fire…just something about it.

For those that know me, you’ll be amazed to know that I actually drove a boat across the lake yesterday…helping Big Daddy D launch his out, and taking it around to the dock. You can ask him yourself, but I pulled that baby in like a pro…like I’ve been doing it all my life…like I was a fish out of…well, you get the idea. I’ve got a picture to prove it, but limited connectivity, so maybe I’ll post later.

This morning we’re griddlin’ up some pancakes and center cut bacon – not quite a McGriddle, but still gonna be pretty tasty. Before we know it we’ll be back in civilization heading to another buffet dinner party!

That’s it for me, time to check on the fam! Hasta!

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