Day 143: Beauty and The Beast

Update: 207.2 lbs, 50 lb Goal Reached Day 124. 9 lbs to 60 lb goal.

You may think from the title that I’m referring to my wife, the beauty, and myself, the beast…but I’m actually borrowing from Sir Walt today because my morning activities made me think of the classic Disney tale.

First off, my allergies are kicking in, and I’m beginning to feel it on the rides. Tooling around through the back fields of K-town, I’m sucking down good amounts of sneeze-inducing pollen with every mile. Today I realized that, like Gaston, (warning, not for the faint of heart) I’m “especially good at expectorating, Ptooie!” I’m pretty sure that when I set out on the ride, I don’t actually have as much ‘stuff’ up in the old head as I seem to produce after pulling in the allergens floating around in the air. I don’t really have the biceps to spare, like Gaston, but I have considered using antlers in all of my decorating.

The second thing that made me think of the classic love story, was when I got home this morning and carefully, and oh so gently rested Baby Blue Torelli (still working out that whole name thing) up against the beastly 1978 Ford Lariat Supercab that now takes up half the driveway. If there were ever casting calls to play the lead roles of Belle and Beast, the Torelli and Ford would beat everyone out, hands down. Don’t believe me…take a look:

I mentioned to the owner of the vehicle, a.k.a — the woman I live with — that I LOVE that truck….it’s the perfect place to rest my bike and all my riding schwag after I get home from the ride, so I can run around and open the garage door. I couldn’t have built a better custom bike rack.

And speaking of beastly, I’m down another half pound after some sketchy days of eating again. Too many Krispy Kreme opportunities with the fundraisers each of the past Sundays, plus camping this past weekend (and hey – they have campgrounds, campers, campfires, and campsites….so it WAS camping) and pizza on drive-kids-to-Mayfield day — I just wasn’t sure how the effort was going, but apparently we’re still moving in the right direction. Gotta get this gut down under 200! Whoo-double-hoo!


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