Day 128: Where To Next?

Update: 208.2 lbs, 50 lbs so far, 50 lb Goal Reached Day 124.

So, I hit this goal last week, and I still can hardly believe I did it, but sure feels good to set a goal and get there…especially one that basically removes a panda-sized amount of fat from my body. So after taking two days away from the blogosphere, the question is…where to next?

I spent most of my rainy morning ride contemplating the next goal. After hitting 50 lbs I realized I’ve still got a decent amount of baby fat going on…as in “oh baby, that’s still a bunch of fat hanging around.” Of course, I feel great, and feeling better all the time, but I think there’s still a little work to be done. When we got married, I was in that 185 range, but I’m not sure I’m gonna get all crazy like that about it. At the same time, I am still riding as close to every day as I can, and counting the calories, so who knows for sure what will happen by end of summer. Some of that fat should be replaced by muscle, which can/will actually weigh more, and that’s actually cool with me too.

I think for now I’m setting a new mini goal — getting under 200 lbs. I think it’s been at least 10 years since I was under 200 lbs, and maybe even longer. That’s just an 8.2 lbs loss, so I probably need to shoot for 198.2, so I will have lost an even 260 lbs, and then actually reach two mini goals in one effort. Also, the LiveStrong is now just about 3 months and 2 weeks away, so I need to start getting some longer rides in for training as well, and it turns out that one of the rides I was looking forward to as part of the effort — a 40 mile round trip with homemade scones at the halfway mark — is no longer on the table. Sorry to break it to the other half of team N-Lo, but I just recently heard that lady is out of the scone making business. But I think there’s still a Circle K along the way that has 3 for 1 corn dogs.

That’s it for me, big project due, kids to get to school, and the sky is grey not blue, so good day from me to you.


Oh yeah, how do you celebrate a 50 lb weight loss goal? A weekend of 36 holes of golf, 50+ miles of riding, and of course, Paddingtons. Ah yeah.

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If it were me… I’d put myself on cruise control. I mean.. .up to now, you’ve been looking to meet certain weights by certain times. Goals. Like a race. And dude… that’s a LOT of weight. People get excited over 10 – 20 lbs, and then put it back on again. You’ve lost 50. That’s huge. So just keep doing what you’re doing, but maybe less pay attention to the clock and just live baby.

Maybe start working in some : calisthenics. My old boxing instructor used to tell me that if you work on your mid section only, then the rest of the body just sort of falls in line.

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