118: 7 Puncture Holes

Update: 209.2 lbs, 49.0 lbs so far, 38 lb Goal Reached Day 74. – 1.0 lbs to NEW 50 lb goal.

Many of you will probably not read this post, as it’s Friday afternoon, and amazingly nice outside, and you should be anywhere but stuck in front of your computer right now. However, I missed posting this morning, and just wanted to keep some tidbits of info flowing.

First off, I’m down to 1 lb left to reach my 50 lb goal. Tomorrow *could* be the big day, but if not, I’m thinking sometime this next week, which gives a few of you a pretty good shot at the Starbucks Challenge. But you know how the weightloss is, she’s an evil temptress…so you just never know.

Next, if you read yesterday’s post, you know I was stranded on my bike ride like the passengers of Oceanic 815. Turns out my spare tube had 7, yes seven puncture holes in it. It’s no wonder I couldn’t put air into the tire, it just wouldn’t hold it. Took it in and made sure the pump works, so I’m feeling much better about the next time I need to change a tire on the road….I’m gonna be like the dad on A Christmas Story when he get’s a flat….”4 minutes…..time me!”

Lastly, I’ve never been a warm weather guy…I sweat plenty as it is during the winter. However, I gotta say, riding out in the sun is pretty cool. I read somewhere that it’s easier to move through warm air than it is through cold air, and of course, you don’t have to wear jackets and pants, which also cut down on the traveling speed. I went from being the sweatiest worship leader to the sweatiest guy on a bike. But it’s all good, I hit my highest average speed for the 12 mile loop today at 16.7 mph, and got it done in around 43 minutes. Not.Too.Shabby.


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Bummed I missed “the goal” by a day or two…see, I believed in you! You’re almost there!!!
I am dying at your bike adventures…totally great! Sorry about the elitist Keizer tandem duo…totally lame! yet again, not surprising…”they” (keizerites)are mostly on their own agenda have to say, If I would have seen you, I would have stopped to help! Sorry man! Have a good weekend. Syd

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