Day 113: – Windsor, Wheatland, Waconda Loop

Update: 211.0 lbs, 47.2 lbs so far, 38 lb Goal Reached Day 74. – 2.8 lbs to NEW 50 lb goal.

Cheesy graphic, cheey title, but it’s Sunday, and I’m in a hurry. So there really is no – well, there is, but it’s just a holding page to snag traffic, but I couldn’t pass on the three W’s that I travelled being part of today’s blog.

Yesterday was my longest ride so far – a 30 miler. Actually, it was 31.05 miles, if I’m being precice, but just to hit 30 miles was a major, uh, well, milestone for me. Took me right at 2 hours, moving at a an average speed of 15.4 mph. You can click here for the general overview of the ride. OR, you can click here see the fancy MotionBased GPS Player version which actually lets you track along and see speed, distance, elevation, and now thanks to my new heart monitor, my heart rate at any given point of the ride. If you do, click on Large, then click on Hybrid, then slow the speed down to 1x or .5x and hit play. It’s almost like you’re burning calories right along with me!

You can also drag along the playhead, and the best part here is that if you slide it along right up to about 11:21, you see my speed is averaging around 15-16 mph, and my heart rate is 144 bpm, or so. Now slide it to the next mark at 11:46, and you see my speed up to 24 mph and my heart rate is 176 bpm. Yeah, that’s right…double german shepherd attack — I just cannot figure out their morning schedule yet, and did not expect them.

Anyway, the rest of the ride was uneventful. The first stretch of Howell Prarie road is smooth as Triangle Lake at 6 in the morning though, and I actually picked up speed going uphill. (Not that I’d know what to do with a smooth lake, or any body of water, mind you.)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


ps – first date guessed has passed…sorry KeeWee

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Congrats on the 30

Man I got so many questions

1 How much did that cost, because I so gotta get me one of those 🙂

2 Did you go under, over, or across I5 both times

3 Whats traffic like on that route

I’m sure I’ll think of more questions later 🙂

Nevermind the I5 part, I was on my way out the door when I posted that, and my mind was not all there (Is it ever?) 🙂


You can get that model, the Garmin Edge 305, at Amazon, with the heart rate monitor and cadence sensor for about $275. If you don’t need those two options, and just want the gps and training stuff, you can also get the Garmin Forerunner 201 model on Ebay for anywhere from $70-90. I started with a 201 and then upgraded to the Edge, and for data the 201 works great too. It’ll do all that mapping, etc on the Motion Based site.


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