Day 105: False Labor

Update: 212.8 lbs, 45.4 lbs so far, 38 lb Goal Reached Day 74. – 4.6 lbs to NEW 50 lb goal.

First of all, the plateau has started to give way a bit. Wednesday I had 7.6 lbs to go, now I’m down to 4.6 left this morning. I know how it works, the weightloss, she’s an evil mistress, and will toss on a couple pounds in the morning, but for today, it’s GREAT to be at 212.anything – I can see the goal line just around the bend!

I’m calling yesterday false labor because there was supposed to be a delivery, but it didn’t happen. All our kids were induced, so we knew when they were coming, and Thursday night the LBS said my new baby would also be delivered on Friday, but I was sent back home from the bicycle hospital saying ‘sorry, not today.’ To his credit, one of the rims was bent, and they couldn’t complete the black wheel build out. I should probably wait until it’s really all done, but…well, ok, here’s a sneak peak of the bike, minus the black wheels and tires that will actually go on there, and the clipless pedals.

So this morning I got on the old Trek comfort bike, rode 10 miles as best as I could and parked it back in the barn when I got back. Faithful old steed. Slow as molasses, but faithful and true.

Off to the aquatic center….Hasta!

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