Day 94: Of Sunrises and Puppy Dogs

Update: 215.8 lbs, 42.4 lbs so far, 38 lb Goal Reached Day 74. – 7.6 lbs to NEW 50 lb goal.

The sun was rising in Keizer this morning right around 5:30 a.m. I normally think it’s rising right about now, at 6:20, when I can see it coming over the top the travel trailer parked in our driveway, but when you get out in the open tule fog fields of Windsor Island Road, you can see it’s actually rising a littler earlier than you thought. Here’s a shot from the ride:

I was out there in the brisk morning air, clear sunny day on the docket, body, soul and mind all working together towards one common goal of getting that bike down the road as quick and steady as I could. And as I looked around and breathed in God’s amazing creation, no one else on the road for probably a mile in either direction, the thought suddenly occured to me – “what in the world am I doing out here so early, I could be in my warm bed sleeping until I have to wake the girls up at 6.” I guess it’s true, getting out on the open road really helps a fella to think some deep thoughts.

Another mile and another revelation. I guess I need to learn the difference between ‘chubby’ and ‘pregnant.’ Yeah, my homeboy, CGS (Chubby German Shepherd – for those who have been glued to the blog) is apparently a homegirl. She was looking a might bit skinnier today as I rode by, and at first I thought it maybe was just the flattering light of the morning glow, but then about a couple hundred feet up the road, in the front yard of the home she protects, was a sign that said “Puppies For Sale.” Now I feel so bad for mocking her chasing abilities….she was really just being part of the circle of life. Sorry there little momma seeta – I’d buy one of your puppies if I didn’t already have one, and if I didn’t think German Shepherds would eat my kids!

So looks like about 3 1/2 weeks till the first Starbucks Challenge guess so far, on June 2. That’s just a tad over 2 lbs per week between now and then to get to there. If I was a betting man, I think that could be optimistic, but pretty doable. Click on the link to the right in the Starbucks Challenge box and get your pick in! I’ve got 50 miles in on Nick’s bike since picking it up Friday night, including a ‘what was I thinking’ ride yesterday on my lunch break, from our office in Keizer/North Salem out to South Salem Cycleworks on Liberty, south of Madrona. That’s a 300 ft climb, they tell me after I get out there, all sweaty and winded. More interviews today, so I can’t wear shorts and get all sweaty…gonna have to save that for later!


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When I lived on South Liberty, I used to go down Keubler all the way to cordon. Ride down cordon to the EZ Fruit stand, then come down hayesville past the indian school to lockhaven, ride through Keizer, downtown, and back out to South salem to my home. I think that was a 25 mile ride if I remember correctly.

I got rid of it a long time ago.

And I just bought an 80G iPod, so toy buying for me will be put off for a bit.

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