Day 88: Wacky Ride In The Rain

Update: 217.2 lbs, 41.0 lbs so far, 38 lb Goal Reached Day 74. – 10 lbs to NEW 50 lb goal.

First off, Blake had the best rendition of a Bon Jovi tune last night, and it was the least Bon Jovi-esque of all the efforts. I was thinking that Melinda had it wrapped up, but my favorite beat boxer from up north may be getting a foothold in. Shake-n-Blake!

Last night I tried to get out on a ride before the rain came out. I’m contemplating an upgrade to more of a road/touring type of bike from my comfort bike, to get more efficiency from my ride, but that may not happen for a bit, so for now I’m still cranking out the miles on the big-guy’s bike to keep burning calories. Anyway, I said I tried to get out before the rain, but didn’t have a ton of success…I pretty much rode the entire way in the rain, which on it’s own wasn’t too bad, but it was the start of an interesting ride.

It was a poorly planned ride, but I grabbed my Garmin and iPod, threw on a windbreaker, and hit the road. The windbreaker was not really a rain coat, so I was wet clear through pretty early on. Then, about 3 miles in, the battery on the Garmin went out, so I didn’t get to track my info for the night. At about 7 miles, while listening to the wistful sounds of David Wilcox, some knuckleheads blew by, pretty close to the side, screaming out the window. The manly side of me would like to say I’m an unshakeable rock, but it actually did give me a little jar. I keep the volume down on the iPod so I can still hear the road, and cars coming, etc, or else the screaming might not have been quite as loud as a Howard Dean Iowa rally. They sped up to about 70, and I looked down and figured it’d be pretty hard for me to catch up from 11.5 mph to go have a chat with them about manners and safety.

Shortly after the screaming muttonheads incident, right around mile 8, my iPod died, and I had to ride the last 2-3 miles actually listening to nature, and life around me. All in all, still glad to be out riding, and burning some of those sugar cookies off that jumped up on me the other night. Gonna be ugly weather for the next few, so it may have been the last ride for a couple days.


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