Day 83: Everyone’s Doin’ It

Update: 217.8 lbs, 40.4 lbs so far, 38 lb Goal Reached Day 74. – 9.6 lbs to NEW 50 lb goal.

Real quick this morning, I gotta get on the road and get out of town. I wanted to go for a ride this morning, but after three 12 mile loops in a row, sad to say, too much sore booty to get back on today. Not terrible, just didn’t want to cross over into can’t-sit land…so I decided to go walking instead.

While I was out on my little 3 mile loop, I was amazed at how many people were also out walking, running and biking this morning. I saw at least 5 walkers and another 6 people on bikes. Some in complete workout garb provided by Nike, and other with the more Frumpy Paul-esque look of sweat pants, old windbreaker and hat pulled over nappy-just-woke-up-hair.

Recently my kids pulled me off to a Switchfoot concert, and I’ve been thankful ever since as that has now become some of my favorite workout music. Meant To Live is a great kick off to any ride, and they have tons of songs that help me keep the pace up. Without getting too touchy-feely this morning, one song came across the old shuffle that I’ve listened to a million times already, but made me just kind of stop and think for a few. The song says ‘this is your life, are you who you want to be?’ I can honestly say that on the inside, yes, I’ve been the person I want to be, but finally, from the outside I’m doing something about the person I’d like to be.

I’ve taught on more than one occassion that it’s not the outside that matters as much as the inside, but you might as well put on a fresh coat of paint if you can! I can now personally say that if you’re not who you want to be…you can do something about it. (I’m starting to sound like a Dear Dr. Kristi post here….)

Off to try to squeeze in 18!


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