Day 81: New Geeky Toy

Update: 218.8 lbs, 39.4 lbs so far, 38 lb Goal Reached Day 74. – 10.6 lbs to NEW 50 lb goal.

As I mentioned yesterday, I picked up a geeky new toy this weekend as part of the ongoing process to add exercise into my life to help along the weightloss effort. Well, I actually picked up two new things, but I’m not going to put up pictures of me in cycling shorts for y’all — way too much ice cream cone effect going on there – and they’re staying under my regular shorts. Yes, I believe they officially pushed me over into weird, geeky bike rider, but the padded booty makes the 12 mile loop much more enjoyable. And yes Nick, I supported the LBS.

The toy I got was a Garmin Forerunner 201. It’s a wearable combo GPS and workout watch which tracks all the things you’d expect like speed, distance, average speed, lap time, pace, etc. It also has cool functions for biking like altitude and grade so you can know how steep of an incline you’re going up or down. It also tracks calories burned, which I really like, and the GPS part maps out where you’ve been, and can guide you back to a starting spot or any location you input to.

You can also export the trips you take and merge them with Google maps to see where you rode, which is probably useless, but just geeky enough for me that I was sold. Great thing was, I kept watching Craigslist and finally found one for $50, which was about a quarter of what it sold for new. Turns out it the guy didn’t have the data cable, so I’ll have to cough up another $9 to get my data to my computer AND I’m going to have to use a PC to get the data off since they hadn’t built in Mac support yet, but it’ll be fun to play with. It’s an older model, and the new ones support Macs and have other cool features like heart monitor and cadance attachments. If I find it useful, I may upgrade later, but this was a great way to get into one.

Of course, yesterday, when I went up the Son of Ravena (the optional hill right next to Ravena — not as steep, but still really stout, and a little longer) I was working too hard to change the mode over to grade, which I should have done before the climb. I didn’t dare take my hands off the bars to change the mode.

Well, that’s it for the geeky post. I’m sure I’ll post some routes when I get my data cable, but for now I’m just happy to track my basic workout info. Crossed into that 218 area today, so just .6 lbs to the 40 lb milestone…whoohoo! On to 50!


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Those garlic beans sound gross.

I want to get a pedometer, and set a daily goal of 10,000 steps a day. I think that will help establish a base.

I can’t remember if I told you last week, but I broke through to the 180s. Just to recap: I started this whole endeavor at 206 with a goal of 180. That will get me down to post Navy weight (177 actually). I’d been hovering in the low 190’s for a while but hadn’t cracked the seal into the 180’s. Friday I weighed in at 189. Woohoo!!

Although since then I’ve been very undisciplined and went back up… hovering again in the low 190’s and this morning I’m starting the day at 191. But I “feel” good today.. you know how somedays you can just feel it working? Well today I feel that way… should break back through again, and hopefully pound out these last 10 lbs.

That’s great that you hit that mark. Feeling good I think is half the key, if you feel good, you’ll be motivated to keep at it…good work.

I’ve got a pedometer if you want to use it. Once I got the Garmin I’ve been using it instead.

Heh. Nothing makes you feel more manly than slidin’ into a pair of lycra shorts with a padded butt. Yeah baby!

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