Day 67: Coffee To Go

Update: 223.8 lbs, 34.4 lbs so far, 3.6 left to reach goal.

Really hacked about a freaking pound upswing after busting my butt in exercise for 4 days in a row, while sick, and continuing to stay on my caloric and water targets, so rather than whining and complaining (more), let me just say I think this photo is a brilliant idea.

The cool thing about that coffee cup holder is it also doubles as a light mount, so you can swap between your coffee and night time driving needs. Although in my book, you probably need both.

There is also a whole site dedicated to coffee cup systems for bikes called BicycleCoffeeSystems – no amazing web design, but plenty of information, check it out.

Ok, since I didn’t even try to make anyone smile today, here’s a picture of the brown geek on his bike, big helmet and all, from his last commute. BGOHB for short.


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Lope on a Rope!!

Way to do your part, ride your bike, conserve oil, and rock on with your bike gadgets. You look like a mean lean biking machine.

Rock On!!

I think your pound you gained is muscle gain from the bike escapades with the dogs chasing you. Just a thought.

Looks like a beautiful day in Salem, inhale some fresh air for me! Jen

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