Day 61: The Commute

Update: 224.0 lbs, 34.2 lbs so far, 3.8 left to reach goal.

Yesterday, this little beauty was my mode of transportation for getting to work. I’ve been wanting to ride in since getting my new bike a few weeks ago, but either the weather has been bad, I’ve had tons of stuff to take with me, or meetings all over town, or something that has kept me from commuting on two wheels.

Yesterday I still was feeling sick, but figured it was going to be a decent day, so I just bit the bullet and did it. All in all, I rode down to the office, then out to Riverfront park before heading to meet an old friend at Starbucks, and then back home at the end of the day. Not really a long ride — logging less than 10 miles total for the day. Yesterday, I was one of those geeky guys on a bike, helmet and all.

Riding my bike has really become preferred method of exercise. If it’s nice out (or even a little not-so-nice) and I’ve got some time, I would much rather go for a ride than get on the treadmill. I’m still a little concerned about the image from behind the bike for those that are following me, but hopefully before long I can reduce the ‘golf ball on a tee’ look that I currently represent. I’m not sure how many days I’ll get to ride down to the office (you can’t carry your clubs on a bike very easy, you know) but I’m going to shoot for at least 2-3, especially as the weather gets nice.

Pool update….sorry Syd, I tried, I really tried…..

K-biz – 4/1 – Date Passed.
Mistee – 4/4
Date Passed.
Syd – 4/5
Date Passed.
Jen – 4/8

Michael – 4/10

SeagravesJ – 4/25

Joe – 4/27
Skovelli (late entry) – 5/1

Hasta, y’all.

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That’s okay man, you put fourth a good effort it’s great you’re so close to the goal though…I think Jen’s gonna be the “big winner” now…I will look out for the old guy w/ the helmet and gardening gloves on…hope you have a flashing light or two as well…perhaps a orange flag on a really tall pole mounted to the back of the seat?!? I’ll keep an eye out when I’m driving through Keizer… You know you’ve inspired me to pump up the ol’ wheels myself and ride rather than drive short distances… Hope you’re feeling better. lotsalove…

Yeah, that’s kid of like saying “hey, stay fat for a few more days, would you?” – You’ll be happy to see I stalled out today. Start picking out your drink.

Syd – that’s so great about riding. One of my team members at work also said he was pulling his bike out of storage to give it a go a couple days a week too.

Beautiful day today, get out and enjoy the sun.

My date is only 3 4 days away..

And you’ve got 3 lbs to go…

that’s not stalling.. that’s steady progression.

Not like those guys who’re betting the 27th.

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