Day 51: You See More On Two Wheels…

Update: 228.6 lbs, 29.6 lbs so far, 8.4 left to reach goal.

I read a quote somewhere saying ‘you see more on two wheels than you ever will on four,’ obviously referring to the joys of cycling, or biking. Well, I can testify that this statement is true. For example, last week while cruising out to Spongs Landing at 7 in the morning, I enjoyed God’s great creation in two amazing pitbulls that wanted to show me just how fast they could run. To return the favor, I showed them that a 230+lb man could get a bike up from 7 mph to over 20 in just a matter of seconds. It was a fun little game we played not only once, but twice, since I had to come back the same way to get home. My only other option was to ride up all they way to about Wilsonville, and then cut back and around, but since I didn’t have half the day for a ride, I just did the Running Of The (pit)Bulls again.

This morning, I relived the quote as I took a different route, and looked out off the road into God’s creation and saw…more McDonalds garbage for miles than I really expected to see. No wonder I like to ride in the car, I don’t have to see everyone elses personal roadside trash-can that way. One thought kept crossing my mind as I cruised along seeing the Golden Arches strewn about — “Great, now where am *I* supposed to throw my McMuffin wrapper!?” – (kid….I kid…..)

Anyway, got in 10.5 miles this morning since the kids are off for spring break (that’s 540 calories, at 10mph, for those who were wondering), and just beat the rain, I was starting to sprinkle as I pulled in. And let me say, I’m a sight to see when I do. Since I haven’t really gone nutso on the whole biking thing yet, I haven’t spent a dollar on cycling clothes, so my early morning wardrobe is running shoes, baggy sweatpants, t-shirt, pull over zip neck, with a hoodie sweatshirt over those, my wifes white Turtle face muzzle, garden gloves, and bike helmet– accessorized with the trendy white ipod earphones of course…gotta be cool, that’s how I roll.


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I have a scar on my left calve from being chased down and chopped on by a german shepherd when I was riding out by howell prairie a few years back.

This is the house that the dog came from.

Talk about scary.

I had to go back there to get information from the owner (if the dog had it’s rabies shots, and the vets name and such..) by the time I finished my ride and went back it was getting dark… THAT was scary.

That house was actually used in a scary movie once upon a time. I don’t know the name of it, but it’s a real movie.

I continue to laugh as I write this…your visuals are, well, vivid…
Happy spring break!
Oh, I think you’ll be at you weight by April 5th. If I can still get in on the voting. lotsalove!

The image of you in Sandy’s white Turtle face muzzle…I’m telling you, you crack me up. I am imagining both Syd and I rolling laughing right now together, as if we are sitting down listening with baited breath for a story from you like the old days.

And, if I were you I’d be careful when you purchase the biking shorts. If you know what I mean. Jen

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