June 11, 2009

Updated: Test Riding The Bike Friday Pocket Sport

Bike Friday Pocket Sport model, on the bike path in Eugene.

Bike Friday Pocket Sport model, on the bike path in Eugene.

Yesterday, I made a decision to tackle the Impending Three Week Dilema head on. We are heading out with our family for a three week, cross-country road trip, hitting a ton of states from Oregon to Georgia and back. I’ve been dreading the three weeks off without any riding, and had just resigned myself to losing the time, as we really didn’t have a ton of room for me to bring a bunch of bike gear on the trip. However, over the past few weeks, my wife has been saying that she really wanted for me to figure a way to get some riding in, and since she was twisting my arm so much…I finally relented. More on Updated: Test Riding The Bike Friday Pocket Sport

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December 15, 2008

Psycho Cross and Winning Smiles

Editor’s Note: Tina Brubaker is an extremely talented racer from Salem, Oregon. I asked Tina if she would consider contributing to and I’m pleased to introduce her first race report in today’s blog posting. Thanks Tina! (update: photos added to article, thanks to Chris for providing them.)

When I woke up this morning, looked out the window and saw SNOW, I immediately knew all my friends were going to bail on the Psycho Cross race in Eugene but, darn it, NOT me. I just can’t get enough! It’s cross season and if someone builds it, I will come…or go…or whatever…I’ll be there. I had already gotten Lana’s signature “BAH..tired..cold” text indicating her enthusiasm factor was not high and that she would probably NOT race today. As luck would have it (for her, not me) my front tubular was flat, so I had to stop by her house to borrow a wheel. She was snuggled cozily on the couch in a blanket when I stormed in, fired up and ready to race. The sun had just come out and most of the white stuff had melted off … I just looked at her and said “you aren’t gonna go ride in this – you may as well come race with me.” Needless to say, she was an easy sell and soon enough we were both on our way to Eugene. Read on…..
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