January 29, 2009

Breakfast On Bikes Tomorrow In Salem, Friday January 30

If you’re in Salem, and riding your bike tomorrow to work, be sure to stop in on the Capitol steps downtown, for a little Breakfast on Bikes. The guys from the local BTA once again will be making your morning commute a little brighter by providing some nourishment on a chilly morning. From the BoB site for this month’s location:

With the Holidays over, we’ll be returning to our regular “last Friday” schedule for Breakfast on Bikes. Please join us between 7am and 9am on the Capitol steps on Friday, January 30.

I personally have to be out of town tomorrow bright and early, so I’ll miss it this month, but thanks again guys for taking care of us out on the morning routes!

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January 23, 2009

Winner In The Bicycle Design Contest

The winning new commuter bike design at Bicycle Design.

The winning new commuter bike design at Bicycle Design.

Late in 2008, I asked what would get more people out riding in 2009. Bicycle Design took it one step further and put on a contest to get the creative juices flowing from people who make be able to make it a reality. This week they announced the winner, and while I agree that this is one of the more innovative designs in the bunch, and the designer got quite a bit right, I’m still not 100% sold on the concept.

My biggest concern is for new riders who haven’t been on a bike before, getting them into a recumbent, or semi-recumbent position is going to be a big hurdle. It definitely can be spun as the most like a car ride position, but I think the low to the ground position would make many shy away. Don’t get me wrong, I’d ride one in a heartbeat if someone gave it to me, but I don’t know how many others I could convince to get ‘low and mean,’ ala Big Wheel style.

Be sure to catch all the discussion about the selection process at BicycleDesign, it’s really interesting.

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January 21, 2009

Scenes From The Morning Route

I won’t ramble on, the clouds were doing all kinds of whispy crazy things this morning. Saturations pumped to show off the clouds – click for larger.




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