November 12, 2009

SSCXWC 09 Energy Dome + Thunderdome = Good Times

Ellen rocking the DEVO kit for the SSCXWC race to close off the crazy weekend!

Ellen rocking the DEVO kit for the SSCXWC race to close off the crazy weekend!

Editors Note: This is the second of our Pacific Pedaling lady racers reports from the past weekend. Thanks to Ellen Miller for contributing this wrap up report. Be sure to also check out Martha’s report just before this one too! Thanks ladies! Some of my favorite shots here, and the full couple hundred on our Flickr page here.

To start off my inaugural blog/race report I would like to give huge ‘props’ to our team owner/director sportif, Paul Lopez. He has been the most amazing support this entire year. The beauty of this team is that it is a gift from Paul, his business, and his family for some local Salem racers to have fun. There is no need for glory or payback, just have fun. Also, big kudos to Pacific Pedaling rider, Tyler Jackson for his 2nd place finish Sunday in the Clydes…way to go Tyler!

Tyler making quick work of the long muddy uphill barriers.

Tyler making quick work of the long muddy uphill barriers.

This last weekend with the rain, mud, and wind Paul was there with his trailer, heaters, delicious hot pork rib sandwiches, and even a handmade Roland keyboard to complete my SSCXWC Devo costume! Paul, thank you for everything!

Transitions are always a challenge in my life. On Sunday at PIR I assumed that many racers would be participating in the A race and the SSCXWC, so I planned on making it work. “Staging for SSCXWC at 345” they announced, but our race didn’t even start until 315. This was going to be interesting.

The Drum Corps kept the beat pumping for riders and fans all afternoon long.

The Drum Corps kept the beat pumping for riders and fans all afternoon long.

As we waited for our whistle, we chatted among ourselves to see who was in for both races. Kari from Velo Bella rolled up next to me and mentioned that she planned on doing the SS race but was sad that her pink sparkle boots didn’t pass the run-up test. I later found out she won the women’s SSCXWC. Congrats Kari, hopefully you will find an occasion to wear your new yellow sparkle bikini with your pink sparkle boots.

I was having a ball racing the Cross Crusade course. The course was a perfect combination of fast stretches, deep mud, greasy corners and silly, slippery off camber sections that even made the fastest A’s humble. When I began my fourth lap I glanced at my watch, 350pm, yikes! I b-lined it back to the van and with Pat and Paul’s help got taped into my Devo kit and I was off to the SSCXWC staging area.

Throngs of fans covered the hillside next to the muddy barrier runup and the tricky off camber corner.

Throngs of fans covered the hillside next to the muddy barrier runup and the tricky off camber corner.

I made it just in time to throw my bike in the pile and find the ladies lined up in a pretty little row. For some reason the women were staged off to the side away from the circle of men. It kind of made me feel second class. The start was a Le Mans start where everyone had to run to their bikes and then jump on the course. We were given the wave by Potestio’s magic wand and the race was on.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that chaotic to get onto the course. We were definitely in a traffic jam, but it was a fun kind of jam full of heckling and laughing. After the first barriers, run-up and off camber section we were already spreading out. Much to my delight, I realized I was riding next to Trebon. Much to my dismay, as soon as I noticed him I hit the fence and rode it like a cheese grater. I am a total star struck kind of girl. After I recovered, I was determined to stalk him for the first lap. He was obviously taking a joy ride approach to this race. I followed him, listened to others heckle him and even saw him put his foot down on an easy corner. Then I got distracted by a bacon hand-up, mmmm bacon. It was fresh off the skillet and delicious. Thank you bacon hand-up boy! I got back on track to chasing Trebon and then quickly lost him to the stripper bus. I was very torn about this short cut. Although I do not wish to condone behavior that leads to misogyny, I also have a serious case of FOMS (fear of missing something). I forgot my dollars. I had no choice.

Fans and ruffians climb onto the Thunderdome to 'encourage' riders passing through.

Fans and ruffians climb onto the Thunderdome to 'encourage' riders passing through.

The course was completely annihilated by the rain and the thousand racers earlier. It was a blast just playing around with different lines and heckling each other. There was never a good line for the run-up after the off-camber section and the cheese grater fence. I felt like every time I was on that run-up I was looking up some guys skirt in front of me or some mud stain up someone’s briefs. Fortunately, the Lanimal was at the top of this section with some refreshments.

On every lap the crowd was awesome, setting up jumps, making noise in any way possible, yelling encouraging words and yelling discouraging words. The energy in the Thunderdome was pretty cool. You couldn’t wipe the smile off your face for the whole lap after going through there. If you could bottle that, I would never need a Hammer product again.

Fire jugglers entertained the Thunderdome crowds.

Fire jugglers entertained the Thunderdome crowds.

Just as soon as I noticed that it was getting dark, the race was over. Even though my Devo pants had become Devo chaps at that point, I wanted to keep going. The next lap I was going to try to ride the high ridge versus the low puddle, I was going to try to get air on the jumps, I was going to find a dollar in the mud and see what was in that bus! I guess the moral of my story racing cross this year is you never know when your last lap is going to be. Ride every lap like it is your last.

Thanks to everyone who made Sunday at PIR such a fabulous day. A special thanks to Dani Dance and crew for hosting SSCXWC.









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November 13, 2009

Anna @ 9:08 am

I am so jealous of that drum line. I’m planning to bring my bused trombone to our next (humblingly small and inadequate compared to this madness) race, but I need some freaking snare drum accompaniment! I want to come see one of these sooner rather than later.

November 18, 2009

Paul @ 10:50 am

Anna, when you guys come out next year to see a race, we’ll make sure you get the full Cross Crusade experience…but plan on racing too, not just watching!


October 29, 2015

Sebastian @ 6:35 am

Well the CX season is upon us. I have been debtiang about racing the Masters 35+ cat, seeing that I’m 38 years old on Oct 20th, or racing the 1,2,3 field to try to beef that field up some. Thoughts?There are also some new kids out to play these days with Eric Schofield threatening the 35+ field. He is a super fast Mtn Biker. The way I see it, the hand full of guys that raced 1,2,3 last year are 35+ and several of the fast cat 3 racers are also 35+, seems like the Masters 35+ cat could be the biggest most competitive field. Choices Choices ..

May 12, 2016 @ 5:34 pm

I’ll try to put this to good use immediately.

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July 15, 2016 @ 3:21 am

TV benken myket opp den sorte veggen, veldig fint uttrykk ble det. Og det hvite og sort printet gjorde seg sammen med Tine K lykten pÃ¥ veggen. Regner med jeg skimter riktig her;) Flink mann du har….

That’s a wise answer to a tricky question

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