December 22, 2008

Video: UPS Deliveries By Bike in Salem/Keizer, Oregon

I caught up with local rider/racer, and PacificPedalling guest-poster Tina Brubaker last Thursday for a few moments while she hustled through a portion of her Keizer route, delivering packages for UPS. As you can see from the photo above, that ain’t no gas-guzzlin’ brown van she’s driving, but instead an entirely human powered, good old fashioned bike!

When I found out that Tina had been selected as one of the few cyclists to actually take on this task, I twisted her arm until she relented and allowed me to intercept her in the middle of a route one day. This proved to be a tricky task as the winter storm hit during her first full week. But a last minute email on the only relatively dry day was all I needed to drag out the gear and shoot a quick video. Tina is SUPER efficient, and I promised I wouldn’t stop her from doing her job, but would just work around her, and aside from answering just a question or two for me, she didn’t break stride the entire time.

“I’m thrilled that UPS is on board with the bike thing, and really hope it might extend beyond just the holidays,” Tina said. She admitted that getting paid to ride a bike all day long is a bit of a dream-come-true type of job, but trust me, she’s working plenty hard while out on the route. I had considered some sort of sabbatical from work for a few weeks to apply for the UPS bike gig myself, but when the first day started off in the middle of Oregon’s monsoon season, I questioned my ability to stand up to the task. As evidenced in the footage though, the weather isn’t enough to slow Tina down! Enough of my rambling…watch the video! (PS – you can go to the direct Vimeo page if you want to download the full sized HD version)

UPS Delivery By Bike! Salem, Oregon from nwduffer on Vimeo.

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December 22, 2008

Heidi Swift @ 3:17 pm

Hey Paul! This was so much fun! Great footage!

Paul @ 8:48 pm

Hey Heidi,

Thanks for watching…it was a blast to run around and shoot. I wish I had more time, I’d have pulled out the Letus adapter with some of my Nikkor lenses, and done it up right…but this still turned out decent — handheld and all. Besides, the story was more important than my creative needs!

Thanks again!

[…] Pacific Pedalling caught up with one of their guest writers, Tina Brubaker, who just so happened to be a UPS delivery woman by bicycle. It turns out that people like Tina help UPS deliver anywhere from 25-70+ packages a day while on a bike. Their 200-pound load is attached to their bicycle via a cart and their garages are used as hubs for picking up more packages for delivery. […]

[…] has a article about a pilot program UPS is doing right now to deliver packages by mountain bikes with trailers. Hmmm, sounds like they need to discover Bakfiets or Xtracycle, but what a step in the right direction, eh? They also did this great video to supplement the story. […]

December 29, 2008

John Henry Maurice @ 3:59 pm

Mr. Lopez, thank you for the nice video of Tina!

Paul @ 5:29 pm

Thanks John!

And quite an impressive list of cycling feats on your site as well. Thanks for stopping by and watching. Hope to see you out on the road soon!


January 7, 2009

Thomas @ 10:11 pm

Hey, that looks like my parents neighborhood! Don’t suppose that’s McNary Estates in Keizer?

Paul @ 11:13 pm

Hey Thomas, close! It’s just up in the neighborhoods between Wheatland and River Roads, so very similar styles in the vicinity. Thanks for stopping by!


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